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Injection Molding Machine China - IMMCN

Injection molding machine

Kai Ming injection molding machine rangs from 25 tons to 4,000 tons, an injection volume ranging from 40 grams to 50,000 grams, and an annual production capacity of 10,000 sets.

Why Choose Us

High-performance machine

Stable, reliable, user-friendly, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain and operate.

Full Range Machines

Machine available from 50 to 3000 ton, and shot weight from 20g to 50000g

Great after-sales service

Comprehensive after-sales service, with rapid responses

customized machines

Custom machines of all kinds are available to meet unique production needs.

Our machine series

Kai Ming Injection Molding Machine

Injection Molding Machine China – IMMCN

KK series

from 100 to 3688 ton

KX series

Eco series from 25 to 718 ton

KDK / KDHseries

hydraulic- electric machine, from 100 to 1000 ton.

KS series

two-platen from 550 to 2600 ton

KSS series

Double color, multi-color / rotation / injection-blowing machine. from 128 to 868 ton.

customized machine

Various series of customized machine.

Injection system

  1. Nozzle temperature control.
  2. Screw retreat preventing plastic drooling.
  3. Six-stage injection and five-stage pressure holding.
  4. Special screw and barrel of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant  for various new plastics (optional).
  5. High temperature ceramic heating band.
  6. Double cylinder design for injection carriage, short injection distance saving space.
  7. Multi-stage injection speed and pressure control, suitable for various precision molding speed adjustment.
  8. Accurate PID barrel temperature control, uniform plasticization.
  9. The switching of injection pressure and speed and the stroke of injection/feeding are monitored by contact electronic linear.
  10. Screw drived by a high-torque hydraulic motor.

Clamping system

  1. Mold thickness adjust hydraulically.
  2. Hydraulic safety device.
  3. Five stages speed and pressure for mold open-close.
  4. High speed differential mold clamping.
  5. Electroplated hard chrome high tension columns.
  6. Power-saving hydraulic servo system.
  7. The toggle mechanism can have a huge amplification ratio when clamping the mold, amplifying the output force of the clamping hydraulic cylinder to meet the high-pressure mold clamping requirements, and reducing fuel consumption and power compared with the direct pressure.
  8. Moving at a high speed at the initial stage durinng mold clamping can reduce the working time. Before the mold close , the clamping speed will be reduced to protect the mold .
  9. Automatic mold adjustment feature.
  10. T-slot platen.

Control System

  1. Japanese Star computer, Taiwan Techmation precision computer control system featured by large screen, simple and easy to operate.
  2. Self-diagnosis function.
  3. Direct input of data such as pressure, speed, time and temperature.
  4. LCD colorful display.
  5. Centralized lubrication.
  6. Pressure coupling hydraulic oil circuit saving power.
  7. High-precision electronic linear, whose accuracy can reach ±0.1mm.
  8. Three safety devices: mechanical, electrical and hydraulic.
  9. Improve reproducibility and operability by the application of the superior sensor.
  10. Using closed-loop control to achieve ultra-precision molding.

Optional machine feature

  1. KEBA Computer from Austria.
  2. Bi-metal alloy screw and barrel .
  3. Multiple sets of hydraulic core pulling devices.
  4. Nano-infrared heating band or high-temperature ceramic heating band.
  5. Multiple air blowing.
  6. Water adjustment and mold temperature indicator.
  7. Electric or hydraulic type, rotary demoulding device.
  8. Servo proportional valve, closed-loop control of the whole machine.
  9. Set up an off-line filter device to reduce the problem of hydraulic valves and cylinders, so as to improve the operating rate and extend the use time of hydraulic oil (servo series standard configuration).
  10. Rotation speed indicator for the plastic feeding.
  11. Electric pre-molding function. Screw drived by an independent servo motor, more accurate in each dose.  Cooperating with specific molds can realize mold opening synchronous pre-plasticization, shortening the production cycle.

[ Optional ] Kaiming Zhifeng 3 Intelligent Management Cloud

Equipped with a server, it integrates the injection molding machine control system, unload-robot and related auxiliary equipment, provides one-stop service, and realizes the digitalization and informatization of workshop equipment networking.

◆ The system collects data from equipment in the workshop and communicates with ERP/MES, realizing closed-loop for production.

◆ Localized deployment, easy implementation, plug and play.

◆Provide timely monitoring. Process management, production management, quality management, statistical analysis, authority management and others.

◆ Mobile application

Zhifeng 3 intelligent management system platform deployed for injection molding companies, centralizes factory equipment information on the mobile APP, helping many injection molding factories quickly realize the cloud access of the entire plant equipment, and make the equipment status transparent.

Zhifeng 3 cloud system platform mobile phone APP, convenient for business owners and managers to flexibly grasp the production status of the factory anytime and anywhere.

Advantages for Kaiming Zhifeng 3 Intelligent Management Cloud

01 Integration of software and hardware

No need to purchase servers, expensive database software, and avoid copyright risks.

02 Elastic expansion

With the increase of factory equipment, it enable gradually upgrade and expand the number of server access to avoid waste caused by initial high investment.

03 Cloud access to local deployment

The data can be accessed through the web and APP at any time, without the need to rent a public cloud service circle. And there is no follow-up complicated modeling such as data migration due to capacity expansion.

04 Subscription service

Personal private data can be accessed at any time, including more than 6 free function updates and service upgrades.

05 Standard API

Standard RESTFUL interface is easy to connect with third parties.

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