Injection Molding Machine
KS Series- Two Platen

Special injection molding machine for environmental protection trash can (15L-240L applicable)

Unique structure

Kaiming’s unique double-moving plate and multi-high-pressure cylinder structure with 15 years of experience, with 4 or 8 sets of high-pressure cylinders distributed in a ring around the center of the formwork. Embedded between two moving formworks, and the the clamping force of the high-pressure cylinder is closer to the mold installation surface, and that can effectively reduce the deformation of the mold. And it is further conducive to improving the molding quality of the product and better protecting the mold.

For deep cavity

Thanks to the two-plate structure, the mold opening stroke is not limited by the mechanical parameters of the hinge. And it has a large mold opening stroke, especially suitable for deep cavity products.

The extra-long two-plate support slide foot and the unique double-moving plate balance weight structure are especially suitable for deep cavity molds. With the function of high-pressure mold opening, deep cavity molds can also be opened easily.

Fast and efficient

The material tube assembly is specially designed to ensure good color mixing while quickly plasticizing, shortening the storage cycle.

A variety of injection platform specifications are available. A larger injection platform can be selected to further shorten the molding cycle.

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