Injection Molding Machine
KDK / KDH Series

KDK/KDH series oil-electric composite high-speed injection molding machine (100-1000T)

The part of the injection platform is fully electric driven, and the rest of the action is driven by traditional hydraulic pressure, which not only retains the characteristics of electric injection precision and fast injection control, but also takes into account the maximum economy for the user.

◆ High-speed precision            ◆ Oil-electric composite            ◆  Ultra-thin products

KDH series oil-electric composite thin-wall special machine

Injection molding machine for oil-electric composite packaging products (KDH series)

KDH oil-electric hybrid packaging product special machine is based on KH servo hydraulic high-speed injection molding machine, using electric injection unit instead of hydraulic injection unit, with higher injection accuracy, better energy-saving effect, and has the function of simultaneous mold opening and melting. It can further shorten the production cycle.

KDH series injection molding machine is developed for thin-walled products, increasing the injection speed, fast forming, and increasing the qualified rate of thin-walled products.

(Product case of KDH series production)

Advantages of KDH special machine for oil-electric hybrid packaging products

  1. The high-speed mobile injection platform can accurately control the product weight and save raw materials.
  2. The injection speed can be selected from 300-500mm/s, which is suitable for thin-walled products.
  3. It is equipped with a special screw with a large length-to-diameter ratioandcombined with a high screw speed and a high-power heating ring. The plasticizing speed is fast, and it has the function of storing materials and melting glue simultaneously.
  4. The specially designed high-strength clamping mold is put on the shelf, which is strong and durable, with lessproduct deformation. The mold opening and locking action is controlled by a dedicated controller with a proportional servo valve, which is fast and stable.
  5. The energy consumption of the whole machine is lower, which saves production costs,provides profits and improves product competitiveness.

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