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3088 ton injection molding machine
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Injection Molding Machine in China - IMMCN

Precision Meets

We’re the Vanguard in the Plastic Molding Industry

We believe that the combination of precision and innovation can drive the progress of the plastic industry, creating a better future together.

As one of the leading manufacturer in China, our injection molding machines are stable, and reliable, boasting exceptional performance at a fair price.

We’re committed to research and development, striving for innovative breakthroughs, Simultaneously, emphasize easy maintenance and longevity of our machines. We also focus on energy consumption, designing high-energy efficiency machines to reduce overall production costs for our clients.

Our comprehensive after-sales service responds swiftly to help our clients solve any issues that may arise during production.

Why Choose Us

High-performance machine

Stable, reliable, user-friendly, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain and operate.

Full Range Machines

Machine available from 50 to 3000 ton, and shot weight from 20g to 50000g

Great after-sales service

Comprehensive after-sales service, with rapid responses

customized machines

Custom machines of all kinds are available to meet unique production needs.

Guangdong Kaiming Machinery Co., Ltd

Injection Molding Machine manufacturer in China - IMMCN

The company has three modern factories covering an area of 600,000 square meters, with its own workshops for casting, CNC, machine bed and assemble.

Kai Ming injection molding machine rangs from 25 tons to 4,000 tons, an injection volume ranging from 40 grams to 50,000 grams, and an annual production capacity of 10,000 sets.

Machine series:

Kaiming provides various series of models and special-purpose machines for special requirements:

  • Electric premolding machine
  • Nylon tie special machine
  • Special machine for thin-walled products
  • PPR/PE pipe fitting special machine
  • Bakelite machine
  • PET preform special machine
  • PVC special machine (powder or hard PVC)

The Factory

Casting Workshop

Production capacity: Single casting production capacity up to 50 Ton.

Output monthly: 3000T

Casting workshop

Casting Workshop

Preparing sand mold and electrical kiln

Casting workshop-2

Casting piece

Casting piece wait for temperature cool down, then open.

Wooden mold for the clampig unit

Wooden mold of the clamping unit

Wooden mold in repairing

Wooden mold for the clamping unit-2

Wooden mold

Wooden mold in development

CNC center

Hundreds of Mitsubishi CNC as the main equipment.

Production Capacity: single piece weight up to 50 Ton and a length and width of 25 meters.

CNC center-1


for small pare

CNC center-2



CNC enter for column


For machine column

CNC workshop-2


For small machine clamping unit

Machine bed workshop

All the machine bed is produced by ourselves.

Machine bed workshop - 1

Workshop of machine bed.

Machine bed workshop-2

Machine bed workshop - 2

Workshop of machine bed.

Machine bed-3

Machine bed workshop - 3

Workshop of machine bed.

Assemble Work Shop

Production capacity: 10,000 sets annual

Mahine clamping force ranging from 25 tons to 4,000 tons, an injection volume ranging from 40 grams to 50,000 grams

Heavy-duty assembly workshop ( for 618 – 4000 ton ), equipped with a crane with a lifting capacity of 100T.

Machine assemble workshop

Small machine assemble

Assemble workshop for the small machine

Machine assemble line

Auto assemble line

Assemble line for the small machine

3088 ton injection molding machine

Big machine assembly

3088 ton machine ready for delivery

4000 ton machine in production

Big machine assemble

4000 ton machine in production

Kai Ming Injection Molding Machine

Injection Molding Machine China

Breve introduction about the machine:

(1) High performance controller:

  • Faster reaction for precise control, more features with easy operation.

(2) Clamping part:

  • Stable and fast open – clamping increased by 30%: by simulation-proportioned machine toggle design and large power system.
  • The double-fork patented platen higher strength, high precision, small deformation, and uniform force on the Corinthian columns.
  • The wider column’s distance is suitable for larger products.

(3) Injection part:

  • Adopt double linear guide rail design, with high precision and fast acceleration.
  • Injection unit module design, with a variety of injection unit options.
  • Large power system, with fast injection speed ( up to 120MM/S, more than 25% faster than standard machines ).

(4) Power system:

  • Kaiming’s third-generation servo drive system features large drive motors, large flow pumps, valves, and newly optimized hydraulic oil circuits, with fast response and stable operation.
  • The whole oil pipe adopts non-welding process, safe and no oil-leakage.


CE certification-1

CE certification

CE certification-2

CE certification

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification

ISO 14001

iSO14001 Certification

The Honor

For many years, Kaiming has been awarded “National Injection Molding Machine Quality Reliable Brand Enterprise” by the Chinese National Quality Association.

In 2008, Kaiming won the title of “Guangdong Famous Brand Product”; won the national high-paying technology enterprise; won the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, etc.

In 2005, Kaiming passed CE certification. 

In 2004, Kaiming passed the national AAA quality integrity system certification.

In 2001, Kaiming passed the Chinese national injection molding machine quality system certification.

In 2000, Kaiming passed the 1SO9001 quality certification.

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